Jokia’s Story – A Rescued Elephant!

Jokia_19Apr2016_01_nJokia’s Story – just one of the many abused Elephants rescued by the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary – Elephant Nature Park. 

Jokia was born around 1960 and her name means ‘Eye From Heaven’. The Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary rescued Jokia in August 1999 from illegal logging and excessive abuse. She suffered a miscarriage while pulling a log uphill, and was not allowed to stop working to check if her calf was dead or alive. This event caused Jokia extreme physical and emotional trauma, and when she refused to go back to work she was deliberately blinded by her mahout/owner.  Despite her blindness, she always moves confidently with the help of her best friend, Mae Perm. Jokia and Mae Perm have been best friends since 1999. They have the longest friendship at the sanctuary to date.

Unfortunately, Mae Perm passed away this year and Jokia was extremely sad about this loss. For days she walked around the park looking for her best friend and refused food and water. During that difficult time staff and volunteers kept a close watch on her  to ensure her safety and offer her support.  Luckily, Jokia has bonded with a new friend and companion at the sanctuary – Navann and it is lovely to see them together.  Jokia also gets along well with another rescued elephant called, Sri Prae as both of them have disabilities and walk slowly together around the park.


Dear Jokia now has a loving, caring and safe home at the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary it is wonderful to see her each day with such a strong spirit and happiness in her home.

Volunteers can help at this incredible sanctuary throughout the year and help make a difference to these beautiful Elephants at the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Find out more about the volunteer projects:

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary 

Chiang Mai Elephant Journey to Freedom 

Contact to check availability and get involved.   Tel: 0044 (0) 117 253 0888

This is a very popular project and places fill up fast – Contact us Now!






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