Murwi – settling in at Imire Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary!

murwi-sit_origAfter much anticipation, anti-poaching dog, Murwi, has arrived safely at the Imire Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary.  She has been introduced to add a Canine Unit to the anti-poaching efforts on the reserve. She has been in intensive training with Reilly and the team on the ground every day since she arrived. She is an invaluable asset to the team already and we cannot wait to see her mature. Everyone has been blown away by her level of intelligence and discipline.

Project Murwi

A project that hits the heart of saving and protecting future Rhino populations across Africa. Extremus K9’s Murwi has been deployed to the Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary in April 2018. This is the front line of operational Anti Poaching Dog units, not just to deter would be poachers in poaching hot-spots, but to act as sworn protector and defender of a world renowned Rhino breeding programme. To say this is a special and meaningful project is an understatement, this is the future of conservation.  We will off course keep you updated on how Murwi is doing. folly-8_orig

​Imire, “the meeting place” in Shona, was founded in 1952 by Norman and Gilly Travers. Located 105km east of Harare, and having over 4,000 hectares of conservancy, this animal sanctuary contributes enormously to the conservation of Zimbabwean wildlife. It’s most renowned for breeding and releasing black rhinos into Matusadona National Park, as well as providing orphan elephants and other animals a home/refuge.

To date Imire has successfully released 11 rhino into the wild. The Black Rhino Breeding Programme is world-renowned, helping to protect Zimbabwe’s heritage with the successful re-introduction of this incredible endangered animal back into the wild. Imire is dedicated to protecting wildlife and strongly believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can successfully thrive side by side, working together to ensure the protection of our natural heritage.

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