Hoedspruit Wildlife Centre Cares for Orphaned Elephant!



Beautiful Shawu came to Hoedspruit Wildlife Centre at the end of 2016 at approximately 4 months old.  The young elephant was found wandering on his own on the reserve next to the R40 tarred road. People had started to pull off in order to watch the little elephant and he was very distressed.

The little elephant was looked after on arrival at the Centre by Dr Rogers who gave him an intravenous drip as he was so dehydrated.  On his first night he didn’t sleep at all. Lammie was fetched and introduced to the baby and this seemed to help calm the little one down a bit.


On day two, the little elephant was still not taking the bottle and would only drink from the water trough.

To make him feel more comfortable, we brought some dung over from the elephant herd.  He played with it and picked it up, and one could tell this was something he’s familiar with. We also hung some branches upside down in his boma, which he and Lammie investigated and nibbled on – although Lammie did do most of the eating.  Early the next morning, he luckily started taking the bottle and has been drinking strongly ever since!

Shawu1Keeping the young elephant company on a 24/7 basis is Joshua and Israel (staff members) and of course Lammie – all of whom he follows around. At the moment Joshua is doing night shifts and Israel day shifts.

Shawu, is doing amazingly well and is a real hit with all the staff and volunteers.  We are so pleased that he has found a safe and loving home at the Hoedspruit Endangered Wildlife Centre.

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