Fundraising for your Amanzi Travel Volunteer Adventure – Tips and Ideas

Fundraising for your Amanzi Travel Volunteer Adventure – Tips and Ideas

Bild 222Volunteering in Africa and South East Asia takes you one step further into the true character of these intriguing countries.  See  Africa and Asia in  a  different  light,  emerged  in  the  culture  rather  than  as  a  tourist.  Its  not  just  about  giving money… it’s about building a relationship with and helping communities make  a sustainable change.  Make a difference to the future of our planets’ wildlife, or  assist in helping spirited communities thrive!

“The whole experience was absolutely incredible.  It was uplifting, rewarding,  challenging,  grounding, heart breaking  and  soul destroying in  equal  measure.  To  see  the  absolute joy  on  the  faces  of  the  children  when we  arrived  to  spend  time  with  them, or  their  excitement at  being  given  the opportunity to do something creative,  was incredible.  This is why I WILL do it  again  and  why  I  would  encourage anyone  whois thinking  about  doing this   sort   of   thing   to   stop   thinking about it, and go and do it.”  Stuart Neath

Why fundraise?

Always  wanted  to  volunteer  abroad  but  been  put  off  by  the  cost?  Although there are costs connected to volunteering, the good news is that the majority,  if   not   all,   of   your   expenses   can   be   raised   through   fundraising   and sponsorship.  People are often very willing to support your cause if you educate them on the purpose of your trip.  It is also a great way to get excited about your volunteer adventure whilst having fun raising the money.   Fundraising can be a great experience – your friends and family will have a great time participating in your events, and not only that, but all  of  the  money  will  be  going  towards  a  great  cause!  You  can  be  really creative with the ways that you raise money – for example you could Run a marathon and get donations for completing it or organise a South African Brai with tickets for your local community.

How much to fundraise?

Before planning and beginning any fundraising activities, it is important to work out how much is going to be needed and to set a target.  Here are a few things to consider….

Cost of the project
All the project fees are on the Amanzi Travel website and there are prices for the different durations and range from £375 upwards.  The  project  fee  will  make  up the bulk of  your  costs, however  this  does generally include your food,  accommodation, airport transfers and the project activities as detailed.  It can often include weekend activities and excursions also.

Flights  are  not  included in  the  project  price and Amanzi Travel can arrange these for you if you wish as we hold a full ATOL licence – offering you peace of mind with financial protection for your trip. To get an idea of the flight costs, you should first check on the Amanzi Travel website or speak to one of the team about the airport that you need to arrive into for your inclusive transfers.  Then you can either ask Amanzi Travel to check the flight prices for you or you can have a look on websites like SkyScanner to give you an idea of the approximate costs.  Flight to Africa and Asia from the UK tend to be between £600 – £1000 and from the United States between £1,400 – £2000.

There is lots of useful information in your pre-departure pack about vaccinations and if there is any need to take anti-malarials.    All volunteers will however need to talk to their doctor about the recommended vaccinations for their trip based on your personal medical history. Depending on your choices based on the advice given you may need to budget for vaccinations like Rabies or having anti-malaria tablets. Vaccinations such as rabies and anti-malarials can cost a few hundred pounds.

Spending money/living expenses
During your placement you will usually have weekends free giving you the perfect opportunity to be a tourist and visit some of the surrounding areas.  If  in  Livingstone,  Zambia for  instance you  may  wish to budget for a trip to Victoria Falls or for a meal out with your new friends.

Certain  countries such  as  South Africa allow most passport holders to obtain a temporary tourist visa  free of charge,   but other countries such as Tanzania require visitors to pay  for  their  visa on arrival. The Project Visa website is a really good first point of reference to check this.

veggie garden

Fundraising ideas

Keen footballer? Why not organise  a local 5 a side  football  tournament? This can be easily played in your local park, or why not ask your local leisure or 5 a side football centre if they’d consider letting you use their facilities free of charge? You can also contact your area’s football association and ask them to put you in touch with a referee who may be willing to help organise the tournament if you explain the cause! You could charge £25 entry per team, get 8 teams and that’s £200 towards your fundraising effort!   5 a side  football its great fun, too! Why not  hold  a plate competition where  people of  all ages can  play  for  fun  and  a  bit  of  friendly  competition,  and  have  a  cup  competition  where  those more serious players can fight for the title!

Club/band night – why not hold an exciting club or band night at your local venue?  Although it can be expensive to hire out a venue for an evening, you can keep other costs down by asking if a local band or DJ  would  be  willing  to  play  free  of  charge.  Social  media  such  as  Facebook  can  be  used  to advertise the evening, and how about asking universities and bars in the area if you can put up a  flyer?  Your  profit  will  come  from  ticket  sales,  so you could charge  £10  per  ticket  and  get  200  people through  the  door that’s  £2000!  Take  into  account  expenses  such  as  venue  hire  and  flyer printing, and holding a club or band night could make you up to £1500, covering your project cost or even your flights!

Community fete – Do you live in a village? Then how about holding a traditional village fête.  Hold  it in your local church  or  community hall  and  you  won’t even   have   to   pay   for   a   venue!   You   can charge  50p  per  person  to  get  in  and  hold different  activities and even stalls to maximize the profit.  Face painting for children? A cake sale?  Craft table?  And why not add a twist with a traditional African food stall for lunch?!

Sponsored marathon – have you ever  seen someone train and run  a marathon  and think they’re  crazy?!  Well… they’re not! With just 6 months training and hard work, anybody can run a marathon. If you’ve  planned  your  trip  in  advance,  then you  have  plenty  of  time  to  give  it  a  shot!  Particularly if you’re not sporty, people will see  how  dedicated  you  are  to  fundraising for your volunteering project a great way to raise funds, have an incredible achievement and get fit at the same time.

Leg waxing For Men! – why  not  give  your  mates  a  laugh  whilst raising  money  for  your  trip  at  the  same time?  Ask  your  mates to  sponsor  you  to watch you have your legs waxed you’ll be amazed by how much they’ll pay to see it!

African dinner party – get in the spirit for your time in Africa by holding an African dinner  party  for  your  friends  and  family!  Get  your guests  to  pay  £20  each  and  cook  a  three course African inspired meal.


Online donations
Set  up  an  online  donations  page such as Virgin Money Giving ( The page  allows you to write a brief overview of what you are fundraising for, as well as giving you  a  running total of how much you  have raised!    People can donate online making it easier than ever before!

Make a ‘goal’
Decide  from the outset how much you want to try and raise.   Figure out  how much of  your  trip you can fund yourself, and use the outstanding amount as your goal. You never know, you may  raise a lot more… and if you do, you might like to take it with you as you might like to donate it to a certain part of the community or project work.

Try and make  sure  you  have  plenty of  time  to  plan  the  event/s  that  you are  going  to  hold.  This will ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible, as  well  as  giving  you  extra  time  to advertise!

Produce a leaflet explaining what you are volunteering for and why. Keep the leaflets on you at all times and hand them out at every fundraising  event  you  hold!  You  can  include  a sponsorship  form  in  each  leaflet  as well.

Involve the media
Why  not  write  to  your local newspaper telling them  about  your  trip. You  could  ask  them  to include an article on what  you’re  doing  as well as  any details  of events that you’re holding you never know, people might read  it and  decide  to donate to your cause.

How we can help 

Trying to fundraise? Amanzi Travel are excited to help! Here are some of the ways that Amanzi Travel can help you get your word out…

Facebook is  so popular nowadays and is a great way of getting your message  across  and advertising  any  fundraising  events  you have coming up.  Why  not  create  a  Facebook  page  just  for  your  trip?  Not  only  can  you  use  it  for helping to fundraise before your trip, but why not post status updates during your volunteering to let your friends and family know what you’re doing!  ‘Like’ our Amanzi Travel Facebook page and we can help you by ‘sharing’ your statuses and posting links to your online fundraising pages.

‘Like us at

Why not set up a Twitter account and ‘tweet’ your fundraising progress! Like your Facebook page, you  can  also  use  your  Twitter  account  to  let  people  know  how  you’re  doing  when  you  actually arrive at your project! Amanzi Travel can ‘RT’ your updates to all of our followers, too!Follow us at

Consider setting  up  a blog to write  about your  fundraising. You can write posts about the project you’re volunteering for as well as  advertising  any  upcoming  events  such  as  ‘5 a side  foot ball tournaments’. You can get your friends and family to subscribe, meaning they’ll get sent any new posts you write.  We can link to your blog on our website, and even repost some  of your posts on the official Amanzi Travel blog.



A truly life changing experience, working on wildlife and community volunteering projects in Africa over 15 years ago, convinced Gemma Whitehouse to give up her job as a Marketing Manager for an international organisation and use her skills and expertise to set up a company that would offer others the same amazing opportunities with a service second to none - thus Amanzi Travel was born.

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